Will Other Mega Heroes Join Bunny?


Showing his patriotic colors, Stylish Star is always standing on the top during Republic and Independence days. Allu Arjun happens to be the only one from mega fraternity at the now, who wants to come up with social responsibility stuff on those days in the likes of Amir Khan and Surya. What about the other bunch then?

Rather beating in the bush, let’s come to point straight. Except Megastar Chiru who is running a blood bank of his own, other mega heroes are not into any social service. Only Nagababu and Allu Arvind take part actively in the affair of blood bank. Others simply visit it on their birthdays to slice a cake and the list includes Charan, Varun Tej and Sirish.

Recently when Bunny produced ‘I Am That Change’ film, it won appreciation from all quarters and started trending on top in India. Even a big star like Charan should think on similar lines, and make his kin follow it. That would not just help create awareness, but other film stars and audiences will assimilate. Film star means not just delivering entertainment, but for being idolized they should even consider some service to society.

You might wonder why Pawan is left out in the whole discussion. After becoming a political leader, it is imminent that he will be taking responsibility of serving the society as he promised it during Janasena meetings. Hope Powerstar will stand by his doctrines.