Will RGV Use Pawan Kalyan For Officer??

Now and then, if there is a need to get some attention, it became fancy for Ram Gopal Varma to bring the name of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. He makes sure that every issue will get a spin-off with Pawan’s name and that’s how recently Sri Reddy controversy became a big balloon with Varma asking her to abuse him.

Other day RGV’s latest movie “Officer” got released and it received a unanimous flop talk from all quarters. Some fans are pretty unhappy that Varma is still mixing underworld themes to come up with haphazard stories and spineless scenes. Some fans also commented that he should focus more on making an engaging film rather than pouring tweets on Pawan and his fans.

However, when “Officer” trailer didn’t get enough views and likes, Varma indirectly lashed at Pawan Kalyan fans saying that it is a shame on them because the trailer is not getting that many dislikes. That way he tried to play a mind game with them to make sure that the trailer gets more views. That’s the reason the question pops up if Varma will use Pawan again.

Varma always comes up with punches and tweets that target either Pawan Kalyan or his fanbases, so many wonders if he will relate the flop show of “Officer” to him or compare with him in some way or the other.