What Will Samantha Say On Mavayya's Poster?


On the occasion of 23rd anniversary of “Hello Brother” movie (April 20th, 1994), Nagarjuna’s humongous fanbases are seen celebrating the event. However, the thing that is to be noticed here is the posters of this superhit movie which might worry star heroine Samantha now.

At the time when 1-Nenokkadine posters have come out, where Kriti Sanon is seen crawling on the beach at Mahesh Babu’s feet, Samantha termed it as a ‘regressive’ thing. And now when Nagarjuna’s fans are busy sharing the poster of Hello Brother once again on their fan pages, the poster where Soundarya seen holding a leg of Nagarjuna reminded everyone of Sam’s comments.

Will Samantha now makes some comment on her soon-to-be Mavayya’s super hit film poster? On wonders, if she terms even these posters as regressive or will she just pass them for once as they belong to her family member.

Anyway, the portrayal of women in films is always debatable especially that of heroines in commercial movies. Some say they are being objectified, while others feel that it’s romance. But posters like this where a girl holds boy tightly and both holding one another like a prized procession are common sightings.