Will ‘Shirdi Sai’ go ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ way?

Nagarjuna devotional starrer ‘Shirdi Sai’ is getting released in a spectacular manner on 6th September across the world much to the delight of movie lovers and more importantly millions of sai devotees spread across the globe. It will be treat for them as they do not have much hit films on Shirdi Sai. Many films came on Sai and his miracles helping devotees in need, but only one that caught the imagination of all is ‘Shirdi Saibaba Mahatyam’ starring Vijayachander in 80s. The film consists of melodious songs rendered by great singers like
Yesudas and Balasubramaniam. After so many decades ‘Shirdi Sai’ is attracting the attention of all.

However one wonder whether Shirdi Sai will highlight miracles and greatness of Sai Baba or get smitten by graphic technology and let it dominate the film. Now a days graphics worked wonders in ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’, ‘Eega’ and even upcoming films like ‘Damarukam’. Many fear that unless until film makers controlled their urge to use graphics just for the use of it, it graphics will dominate the film, thus depriving movie lovers to enjoy the feel and essence of Shirdi.

Many cite the example of Balakrishna starrer Sri Rama Rajyam, in which film makers used extensive usage of graphics and movie lovers felt that they couldn’t enjoy Bapu’s beautiful narration and storyline. This proved to be the drawback of the film. One has to wait and watch what Shirdi Sai got to deliver.