Will Six Pack Helps This Young Hero?

Well-known as Lover Boy, Aadi Sai Kumar has now set his eyes on mass audiences. Fazed by recent failures Aadi seems to have realized the importance of masses. He is now all set for image makeover and his upcoming movie Rough says it all. For the first time in his career, Aadi has donned six pack. For this role, Aadi went through rigorous training and even had tough time in cut shorting his diet. 
Unit insiders say that Aadi’s efforts haven’t gone down the drain and said the film’s output is elevated with Aadi. Aadi has not just flexes his muscles but also fights with goons. A source reveals, “There are three to four fights in the film. Each one is different from the other and has prominence of its own. Aadi steals the show. After Rough, Aadi will be noted for mass roles. Sai Kumar will be proud father.”