Will TDP left with only Naidu?

Records created by TDP can be unmatched. Right from the day it originated with in six months of its inception, its founder NTR riding on people’s apathy of Congress CMs prostrating before Congress High Command at Delhi bagged power signaling the surge in people to show their Andhra Pride. His records are unmatched be it populistic schemes like 2Rs kilo rice or property rights for women.

Later Chandra Babu Naidu dislodged his father in law taking advantage of discomfort in NTRs kin over the importance given to Lakshmi Parvathi, NTR’s second wife. He ruled the state like CEO and got world wide recognition to the capital Hyderabad, turning it into hi tech city. With entire development concentrated only on one part of the city with rest of the state ignored along with other sectors, he lost power after ruling for 9 yrs.

Naidu’s dreams of a comeback were dashed due to changing power and political equations with the entry of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, who with his party PRP weaned away Naidu’s votes and later the death of YSR, after which sudden surge of Telangana Moment thanks to KCR, punched holes on strategies of King Maker Naidu. Now with Jagan making strong political forays, he is finding it difficult to stem the outflow of his party cadre and leaders to YSR CP. Though Naidu is trying all strategies to win over people’s confidence, he is finding it difficult to convince them, which is proving to be his eral headache. In the midst of all he is confronted with NTR family members waiting to take over the Party reigns.

Many feel if proper steps are not taken and confidence of people not won TDP will be left with only Naidu in the party.