Will Upasana allow Charan’s liplock with Piggy Chops ?

By roping in all those steaming hot beauties in his upcoming movies, Mega Powerstar is raising expectations. The big question is, will his childhood-love accept him to do those raunchy scenes.
For now, Charan is taking break from all movies and is expected to join Zanjeer team after his marriage immediately. The first scenes that are going to be shot are the intimate and hot bedroom moves between Charan and sizzling heroine Priyanka Chopra. Touted as one of the best lips to kiss by many men’s magazines, this hot beauty is all ready to lend them to Charan now. However, if our young hero locks those pouted lips with his manly aperture or not is the doubt. Generally one’s wife may not allow doing such acts immediately after tying the knot.
Cine observers are writing off these rumours, as Upasna too hails from a rich family and can understand the hairline difference between on-screen acts and real acts. With a lot of culture contrast between Hindi and Telugu circuits, Upasna may allow Charan to do those Zanjeer-Kisses, understanding the need of audience!