Women fights with GHMC for Death Certificate

The bribery permeates the governance system as officials, who ought to perform their duties, eat bribes to move files. Even when the deaths of citizens are turning bribe-points for certain government officials, we can understand how much degeneracy the system of governance has and how it is in the veins of immoral government servants. 
Now a widowed woman has fought GHMC for almost 7 months to get the death certificate of her husband. Usha Rachakonda, who is a software consultant, applied for the death certificate of her husband when he died in May due to brain stroke.
She says the GHMC’s circle no12, which regularly issues death certificates, had been harassing her till she finally won the battle with the interference of GHMC’s commissioner. She says she had seen many bereaved families sailing through the same emotional process to get their people’s death certificates as the officials of GHMC are mostly desperate and adamant over getting bribes for issuing certificates.