Won’t Invite My Family: Pawan On Charan Joining Janasena

Last week, Ram Charan pleasantly surprised everyone when he said that he will be ready the next moment if his uncle Pawan Kalyan asks him to campaign for Janasena. In a recent interaction with a news channel, Pawan opened up about his doting nephew’s gesture.

“Basically, I never ask anyone from my family to join Janasena or campaign for my party. If anyone comes forward to join the party willingly, I will advise them to rethink their decision several times. Politics need a lot of commitment. Everyone in my family are leading a peaceful life. As a well wisher, I don’t want to spoil their happiness,” said Pawan Kalyan.

Needless to say, Pawan’s reaction to Ram Charan’s enthusiastic gesture left everyone perplexed. Social media is abuzz with opinions that when everyone is already willing, Pawan should have put an end to his diplomatic stand and openly invited Charan and other Mega family heroes to join his party. Even fans opine that Mega family coming under one roof for Pawan will give a huge boost to Janasena in the 2019 general elections.