‘Won’t Read Articles About Me’


Actor Raj Tarun has admitted that he follows websites a lot. However, the Uyyala Jampala actor said that he won’t read articles about him. “I just read the headlines of my articles. I don’t read inside the articles. I am very sensitive that I don’t want to get demotivated if something bad or negative written about me in the article,” Raj Tarun said.

Raj Tarun added that he, however, reads other articles and follow websites regularly. The actor is quite confident of his next Andhagadu and two other films that are in pipeline including a film in Annapurna Studios.

While both his up next films are going to mark the debut of lady directors – one a Tamil lady director making her debut into Telugu with Annapurna Studios film, the other film has already been announced and is kept on the back burner due to script issues.