Won’t Select Anything For Fans – Ram Charan

Like in any business, the actors in the film industry also face a lot of ups and downs. When compared to actors like Jr NTR and Prabhas, Ram Charan’s previous films apart from Dhruva, have had a lacklustre performance at the box office. While many have questioned his choice of films and few have criticised him for his looks and dialogue diction as well.

Giving a shock to everyone, Ram Charan completely grabbed the attention as Chitti Babu in his recent outing Rangasthalam. During the Thank You meet, the actor also made some shocking revelations about his choice of films.

As a hearing impaired guy, the actor stuns everyone with his terrific performance. Ram Charan made it clear that unless and until he likes a story wholeheartedly, he couldn’t give a nod to it. This is definitely an obvious question for a star hero, whether he accepts a project basing on fan’s interest or his own. Finally, he spoke his heart out and clarified that he always accept the scripts on his own interest. Charan also stated that one should love their films first, before screening them for others, if not, that won’t give him a work satisfaction.

“I won’t select a film keeping fans in my mind. I will select a film based on whether I liked it or not. And then If I do good, everyone will accept it. While sitting in A/c room and listening to a narration, I’ve to like it first. Then only, a film will happen” he reiterated.

On the occasion, the actor also showed his love towards the producers and distributors, who will be the first victim if a film fails to impress the audience. He stated that they are the ones who pour all their profits back into the film industry. Looks like after holding the responsibilities as a producer, Ram Charan has developed a lot as a person as well as an actor.