I Won’t Support Her, Says Madhavi Latha

Even though, the existence of casting couch denied by directors and producers, the young actresses are coming forward and sharing their heart-wrenching experiences. For the past few days, it has been trending on social media as the sensational allegations made by actress Sri Reddy went all over. Joining the bandwagon, recently Madhavi Latha also made some revelations regarding this casting couch.

During a recent interview, when the reporter asked whether she will support the fellow actresses like Sri Reddy, who are allegedly fighting against the casting couch, Madhavi commented that she is not supporting anyone and also clarified that casting couch is in the roots of almost all the film industries and no one can abolish it. Madhavi stated that the reason for her recent interviews is just to give a hint to the newbies from Telugu states and alarming them about few cunning directors and producers.

Madhavi also opined that the casting couch has become quite common in almost all the fields like private and government sectors. “As the film industry is bit liberal, everyone is focusing on it instead of other sectors. But it is the self-decision of upcoming actresses to indulge in such things are not, also about the kind of field they will choose, to get success” she added.

But frankly speaking, if two actresses can’t support each other on Casting Couch, how can they expect the whole of industry to come together for it? Casting Couch is evil, get rid of it collectively!!