Writer-Actor Became Composer-Director

With the intention of becoming something, they come to the film industry, but the end up doing something else. Nani wanted to become a director but turned hero now. Puri Jagan wanted to become writer-actor but became a director. Here is a curious case of a guy who wanted to become a composer, but became an actor, later turned writer and now finally making his directing debut along with realising music dreams.

None other than Harshavardan of Amrutham fame is the guy we’re talking about. After proving his mettle as a comedian, he became a writer for movies like Ishq and Gundejari Gallantayyinde. And today his debut film as a director, Good Bad Ugly is announced. In this period drama set in the 80s backdrop, anchor Srimukhi is essaying a key role. Big thing is that Harsha is also composing music for this movie.

“I wanted to become a composer and came to industry. But never got that dream realised though I’ve taken other paths. Now I can’t play any instrument but with my music sense and support from a technician, I’ve composed music myself” says Harshavardhan, justifying his turnaround.

Only if he scores a huge success with this debut project, he will surely get attention for his multiple talents for providing Story-Screenplay-Music-Dialogues-Direction to this movie. If the film back fires, then people might say he’s a jack of many trades but a master of none. Let’s see what happens.