Yama Lokam As Pub! No More Ethics

Whatever is felt as sentiment in our Hindu culture, Telugu cinema has its own reason to make fun of it. Infatuated with Yama character, our people are going beyond limits to insult the very own existence of Indian culture.
It became a common practice for Telugu makers to make mockery of ‘Death God’, who is considered as powerful across the globe. From yesteryear ‘Yama Gola’ to the present ‘Daruvu’, they made fun of Lord Yama. Now, a maker has climbed one more step by featuring a sleazy disco song in Yama Lokam by turning the ‘narakam’ area into pub. This is happening with comedy king Rajendra Prasad’s upcoming ‘Cinemakeldaam Randi’. Rather catching leaves when some Hindu outfits or Censor Board gives a blow, these makers should feel guilty for portraying Yama that way.
Some say that both Apsaras and pole dancers wear the same skimpy outfits, so there is no wrong in this. It is not the question of costumes here, but the way those sleazy costumed sexy women are made to express their lust. ‘Ethics’ became a small word for these makers and we have to see whether there are limits for them or not!