Yes! Hero Will Laugh Only Once


This Friday, it’s going to be another revenge drama at Telugu box office. After watching the likes of Drushyam, Dora, Venkatapuram and other intelligent thrillers where protagonists kill their enemies quite cleverly, prepare for a similar one again. It’s “Keshava” time.


Going by the teasers, trailer and the movie’s photos, one could easily guess that there is not even one time where hero Nikhil is seen laughing or smiling in the movie. The protagonist wears a blank face all the time, as too much of anger or smile will make him suffer as he happens to be right-hand-side-heart guy.

How will it look if a hero of the movie will not smile for the entire length of the movie? Some exclusive sources have revealed that Nikhil will be seen laughing, in only one scene of the movie. Yes, you read it right, it’s just in one scene he will flaunt his smile and laugh wholeheartedly. We hear that it’s a crucial scene in the movie.

Directed by Swamy Ra Ra fame Sudheer fame, Keshava will feature Nikhil with a rare medical condition named Dextrocardia situs inversus, where the heart of the man will be on the right side. The film has Ritu Varma playing the leading lady, while yesteryear heroine Isha Koppikar is returning to Telugu films after more than a decade.