‘Yes…Pawan was not in Hyderabad’

While media is making a hue and cry on pawan kalyan bunking the audio event of ‘Rachcha’ and attending the muhurat of ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ in next two days…the answer from Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan on Pawan being sent on an urgent work to the US of America has thrown Mega Fans into a confusion. This issue has got more prominence related to gossips on tiffs with in the Mega family.
Here is one more update just received from producer Ganesh Babu. He spoke to few of friends a little while ago giving a clarification. ‘My kind request to media is not to cook any baseless stories on pawan kalyan unable to make his presence at ‘Rachcha’ event. Yes, he was not in Hyderabad on that particular day. Pawan traveled out of station on his personal work and was back next day. This is the original truth,’ said Ganesh Babu.
On the other side, few other sources commented of Pawan being to Chennai and was at Chiranjeevi’s personal guest house on the day of ‘Rachcha’ function…new doubt to raise now is why did Chiru bluff it as America???