‘Yevadu’ Dialogue Rubs Mahesh Babu

Star rivalries are common in film circuit though they are not open about it. And lately, a lot has been happening between the groups of prince Mahesh Babu and mega powerstar Ram Charan Tej. Now, it is heard that Charan’s new project might have something that may not go well with Mahesh.
We are talking about the film ‘Yevadu’ and it is heard that there is a dialogue which goes “naa daggara unnadi naaku telusu…nenu ade cheputha…nee daggara lenidi undante maathram… inkem cheppanu.. guddaloodadeesthaa”
A unit member who was part of the shooting at a shopping mall recently revealed something like this is there and it is written keeping Mahesh Babu in mind. Incidentally, the hero says this to villain. The implication is towards Mahesh Babu’s records. Of course, the subject and context of the dialogue is not known.
But the analysts say if this dialogue is there then there could be some danger. Let us hope this is not true, if it is there then director Vamsi Paidipally better take it off.