Young Hero on Low Sodium Diet. Why?

There are many reports doing rounds about young actor Rana’s health issues. That he is going for eye surgery was reported. Truth is that he is on low sodium diet.Rana who is known for his bulky avatar has turned very lean of late. He became lean for one of his movies.

He also lost weight further recently due to low sodium diet regimen that he is following. Rana himself shared this information on Twitter that he is currently following low sodium diet.Now comes the question as to why he is taking less salt?

According to our sources, he was asked by doctors to limit his daily salt intake after they found a minor problem in his body. All he needs to do is restrict the intake which is nothing much to worry about.So the handsome actor has now put his assignments on hold and is regaining health. He gained a lot of weight for “Baahubali” movies and later shed the weight for other movies. This said to have affected his health a bit.