Young Hero Torturing Top Choreographers

General notion is that Choreographers torture heroes and heroines sweetly with their hard-compositions. It is for the best output of the film only. Here, things are going other way round, as Nikhil is torturing choreographers, say sources.

By and large, dance moves are composed basing on the body language and easiness of the actor doing it. A ‘move’ created for Jr.NTR or Ram Charan cannot be given to Mahesh Babu as he is not ease at dancing. Likewise, if a guy like ‘Allu arjun’ is present, choreographers take it as a challenge to create their best and hard ones. Nikhil falls in the slot of an average dancer as he never exhibited his extra-ordinary dancing skills.

To carve a niche for himself in dances that have a lion’s share in entertaining audiences, Nikhil is forcing choreographers for hard-steps. According to sources, he is not allowing them to give him simple-moves and is trying hand at all those body twisters performed by stars like NTR and Charan. Nikhil, not being a seasonal dancer and trying variety with lot of physical strain is something to be noticed here. That looks like the right spirit an young hero should possess!