Young Hero’s ‘Sollu’ Explanation For Flops

When making a movie, they simply forget about the story and do something weird in terms of ‘formula’. And if the movie flops, there comes ‘n’ reasons to support their loss. Listen to young hero who wants to say one such explanation!
Nikhil haven’t had a great time with the BO after his debut flick ‘Happy Days’. Though some of his movies yielded silver for the producers, still he has to strengthen his position with this increased competition. He states that if too many movies release on the same date then the commercial success of those films will be affected. ‘Other than Yuvatha, none of my films have a solo release at BO’, says Nikhil.
However, a look at industry’s biggest hits reveals that all of them got released along with many other movies and have stood a winner. Critics say, if the film satisfies the audiences then every town and city had the capacity of showing more than 10 different flicks in different theatres. Let us hope Nikhil will get that much required hit through ‘Disco’ and stops giving ‘sollu’ reasons for flops!