Young Hottie’s Secret Relationship With Co-Director

Heroines having secret relationships with their co-stars, directors and producers is nothing new in film industry. But here’s a rare, unusual relationship that’s slowly and secretly mushrooming between a young and hot heroine and a co-director in Tollywood.

Coming to the story, this young beauty is from Delhi and she is only one film old in Tollywood. Her debut film was a huge blockbuster and her steamy, zero inhibition glamour show made men weak in their knees. She has been in a relationship with her debut film’s co-director ever since the shoot began. The co-director had worked on several movies as a co-director under a nationally famous Telugu director.

Apparently, the co-director is using all his contacts in Tollywood to get more projects for the actress. On the other hand, the new found stardom is posing a lot of difficulties for the young beauty and her man, as they can only meet each other in secret. We will have to wait and see if their relationship will continue forever or end abruptly in near future.