YS Jagan : 5th Highest-Earning MLA in Country

Jagan Mohan Reddy has emerged as the most-earning MLA of Andhra Pradesh and fifth-highest earning MLA in the country.

According to the latest report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and the National Election Watch, YS Jagan from Andhra Pradesh is India’s fifth-most earning MLA. Jagan’s annual earnings is pegged at Rs 13.92 Crore. Including the earning of his wife YS Bharati and the income of other family members, his total income stood at Rs 18.13 Crore per year.

ADR has gone through the self-declared affidavits of sitting MLAs across the country. It went by the self-declared affidavits of 3,145 out of 4,086 sitting MLAs across the country. As 941 MLAs have not declared their income, they have not been included in this report, which primarily focuses on the annual self-income of the sitting MLAs only.

Karnataka’s Hoskote MLA MTB Nagraj from Congress is the highest-earning MLA in the entire country. He stood No.1 in the country with Rs 157 Crore annual income. Next to him is Maharashtra’s Malabar Hill MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha, the real-estate baron and vice-president of Maharashtra BJP, stood second in the country. Third place went to Karnataka again. KR Pura MLA Basavaraj is at 3rd in the country with an earning of Rs 27.77 Crore per annum. 4th place went to Tamil Nadu. Nanguneri Congress MLA H Vasantha Kumar is fourth-most earning MLA with an annual income of Rs 22.65 Crore. Andhra Pradesh’s YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is the fifth-most earning MLA in the country.

The TDP MLA featrued in the Top 20-most earning MLAs in the country is Kavali MLA Ramireddy Prathap Kumar Reddy. He is at top 14 in the country. His personal annual income is declared at Rs 6.48 Crore. Including his family income, his annual income is at Rs 7.96 Crore.

Interestingly, the lowest-income in the entire country is from Andhra Pradesh. TDP MLA from Singanamala assembly constituency in Anantapur district Yamini Bala is the lowest-earning MLA in the country with an annual income of Rs 1301/-. YSRCP’s Nuzvid MLA Meka Venkata Pratap too was among the lower-incoming MLAs. His annual income is declared at Rs 60,000.