YS Jagan’s Benami Became Movie Hero!?

Well, there are many big-shots in film industry, a couple of giant producers and couple of heroes who are known as YS Jagan’s Benamis. God knows the truth, but these biggies are not flourishing post CBI lodging cases on Jagan for illegally amassing wealth. 
That led to more people believing that they are all the YSR Congress president’s secret partners. And here comes another such rumour. A hero who made his debut recently got a rousing reception at theatres for his first ever flick. Though he is a Telugu guy, he happens to be a business magnate in another state. For his first film ever, Fans Associations have erected cutouts and tied banners. 
A dig into the thing revealed that he happens to be a ‘benami’ of Jagan and pouring huge money to promote him. Leave the fate and business of flick aside, but this youngster grabbed eyes, not for his acting or good-looks but for the hungama around him.