YS Jagan’s Resignation Drama : Only LS MPs To Resign

Unable to overcome Naidu’s master strategy to counter BJP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has fired his final salvo. In a political move to gain one-upmanship over TDP in the fight against Centre over the injustice meted out to AP, Jagan has decided that his Lok Sabha MPs to resign on the last day of the special budget session of Parliament 2018.

Technically, YSR Congress Party has only 5 MPs in Lok Sabha. All these 5 MPs have been ordered to resign by his party chief Jagan on the last day. However, quite shockingly, the Rajya Sabha MP/MPs of YSRCP have not been asked to resign.

On other hand, YSRCP announces that it is ready to contest the by-elections in the 5 Lok Sabha constituencies if elections are held. It said that it would field its MPs back in the by-elections. But when asked what benefit Andhra Pradesh would gain out of the whole episode, YSRCP doesn’t seems to have a proper answer. It looks like, it is just a political decision by YSRCP to score over TDP in the battle against BJP.

Since the people of AP are fuming over BJP and Modi, Opposition Jagan has come up with the resignations of MPs for his political advantage by using the people’s sentiment. Meanwhile, all eyes are on tomorrow’s all-party meet organised by Chandrababu Naidu and how YSRCP would conduct itself in the meet.