YS Jagan’s Yaatra Getting Comedy Touch

Opposition leader of Andhra Pradesh state, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is busy touring the state for a long time. Currently touring Bhimavaram as part of Paada Yaatra, he’s now bringing ‘comedy’ touch to the road shows to bring huge attention to them. Here’s how it is happening.

Other day, comedian and former writer-director Posani Krishna Murali has met YS Jagan, expressing his complete support to the opposition leader. After foul mouthing TDP during Nandi awards controversy and also recently while talking about casting couch like stuff, Posani showcased his love for YSR Congress. And then he made it real as well.

Joining this brigade is none other than Prithvi, of 30-years-industry dialogue. He has met Jagan today at Bhimavaram and confirmed that he’s full support for YS Jagan. Also, he praised that people are daring scorching heat wave to turn out for Jagan’s Praja Sankalpa Yaatra and wished luck for the future CM as he’s confident that Jagan will be voted to power in 2019.

One wonders if Jagan’s yatra is getting attention for his real leadership skills or due to these comedians making their presence felt there. However, many are wondering how Jagan will be able to manage the internal conflicts if all these cinema stars jump into the party and likely to demand an MLA ticket later. For the now, arrival of these comedians is getting a better reach for his low-hyped Paada Yaatra.

Anyway, film actors joining and establishing political parties before elections and shutting shop after election became a norm these days. Let’s see who stands tall till the final battle.