Y.S.Jagan gets info from Jail Officers on YSRC Winning !

From the past few days, Media is extremely busy covering the by-poll developments in the state. And so, there are no updates about YS Jagan’s activities in the Chanchalguda central prison. As the polling ended on Tuesday, all the cameras were now turned towards the YSRC Chief. Here are few updates…
As per the jail authorities, VIP prisoners in Chanchalguda are entitled to spend Rs. 3,000 per month on tokens to buy packaged foods and soft drinks in the canteen, from the money deposited by the family members in their accounts. Although, Jagan has Rs. 4,000 in his account, he hasn’t used a single rupee till date.The other special class prisoners in his barrack are supplying everything he wants, from time to time.
In Sunil Reddy’s account there are Rs. 15,000, Koneru Prasad has Rs. 4,000, Gali has Rs. 32,000, Nimmagadda Prasad has Rs. 3,000, Vijay Sai Reddy has Rs. 9,000, Mopidevi has Rs. 10,000, Brahmananda Reddy has Rs. 600. All the VIP prisoners are spending their entire money (Rs. 3,000/month) on mineral water bottles and soft drinks.
Slowly, Jagan is getting used to the jail life. During his early days, he used to be very reserved. But now, he is spending time interacting with other inmates, having tea with them and playing badminton twice a day. Whenever he gets a chance to interact with the jail security officers, the first question he asks is, to which district they belongs to and later inquires about his party’s position in those districts and constituencies. Some say, Jagan is using Jail Officers as Courier Boys to gather as much information as possible. Hope this info gives him relief and helps him analyze his party position all over the state.