YSR, Babu, KCR’s Cong connections

It is a known fact that since India’s indepence only Congress party was there and many of the prominent opposition leaders have their leanings to Cong Party only. However due to differences they floated their own parties or joined other parties for greener pasteurs. Union Minister and State Cong Incharge Ghulam Nabi Azad who worked as youth congress president during 1977-78 revealed that Late CM YSR, former CM and TDP chief Chandra Babu and TRS chief KCR all worked in Congress.
Azad said during that time YSR used to be active member in youth congress while Chandra Babu used to be Youth Congress President for AP state and KCR used to be the secretary. He said Babu and KCR however came out and joined TDP. KCR came out of TDP due to differences over portfolio and floated TRS. What ever may be the intentions of Azad revealing these facts, it is true that he expects some reciprocation from both Babu and KCR.
Everyone knows that Cong is fighting a losing battle in the state and even TDP is in the same situation. Both of them need to tackle common enemy in form of YS.Jagan. In telangana region, KCR is going strong and without his support Cong can not expect to win even a single seat. It has to be seen how Babu and KCR react to Azad’s statements.