YSRCP losing battles !

Many may be surprised seeing the heading. Leaders and cadre of YSRCP will be over the moon with the victories in byelections and even general public feel that the party is way ahead of 2014 state assembly elections. There is a feeling that whether its chief Jagan in or out of jail doesn’t make any difference in the victories or winning margins of party candidates.
However a close look and inside analysis of the party and its politics along with the strategies followed by Vijayamma or Jagan, one can see that YSRCP is losing battles that bring down its morale. It’s chief YS.Jagan tried invain innumerous times to get bail from his cases so that he can be out of Jail and hog in the media limelight and even issuing threatening statements to his rivals. But his bail petition has been rejected not once but twice and he withdrew his latest bail plea with Supreme Court, with ED’s inquiry hanging like damsel sword on his head.
As if this was not enough Vijayamma filed petition with Supreme Court seeking enquiry on Chandra Babu Naidu’s assets and scams involving him, but not once but twice she tasted defeat, with the highest court striking off her petition. These two certainly are great moral defeats for the party and with YSR daughter Sharmila taking backseat, someone should sparkle on political front to rejenuvate the cadres and leaders.