YSR’s ghost scaring all

Late CM of Andhra Pradesh, YS.Rajasekhar Reddy never in his life time may have imagined that his name will be doing rounds every day even after his death. Right since his inception in politics he used to live a daring life not fearing anyone inside or outside the party. He used to take on opposition single handedly even when all his colleagues used to search for answers. During his regime many times one got to see his aggressive nature when he used to take on TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu. He did not even leave TRS chief KCR or his party and many felt his operation Akarsh would have wiped out TRS completely from the political map had he been alive for another 3-6 months.
His sudden tragic death changed the political situation and also with it the fortunes of Andhra Pradesh so drastically that even his detesters say that had he been alive, situation would have been completely under his control and state would not have detoriated so rapidly. Around three years elapsed after his death but still his ghosts are haunting his rivals giving sleepless nights to his detractors sending shivers down their spines scaring them to the core. His rivals may be using strong words in public and many of them who were scared to look into his eyes during his regime, started acting smart but in their hearts they really fear on mere mention of three letters Y..S…R