Y.S.Vijayamma to start ‘Odarpu Yathra – 2’ !

While most of our leaders do yatras only during election campaigning, one person is completely opposite to it. Off course, he is enjoying the fruit of that yatra with people blessing him to power.
YS Jagan started ‘Odarpu Yatra’ to console the persons who have breathed their last after getting shock with YSR’s death in chopper crash. He did that for two years and amassed huge popularity among people and voters. Now that Jagan is in jail, Vijayamma is going to start the second version of it. YSR-C leader Konda Surekha says, ‘Vijayamma will start Odarpu Yatra again from the point where Jagan has stopped it. We’ll go deeper into people’.
Analysts say that if Vijayamma continues this Odarpu for the next one year, there is no doubt YSR-C will get more seats than expected in 2014 elections. We have to see what weapon the Congress and TDP will use to restrict YSR-C.