A To Z Work Of Allu Hero For ABCD

Some films are totally taken care by the director and some have production houses calling the shots. And some films are completely in hero’s hands, while few projects involve a group effort. Whatever may be the case, if a film is running on a hero’s craze, then the hero must take utmost care of the project.

These are the days where heroes are refraining from promoting their films and also they leave it to director and producer to do the job. But youngster Allu Sirish is not leaving any stone unturned for his upcoming film, titled ABCD (an acronym for American Born Confused Desi), a remake of Dulquer Salman’s Malayalam movie of the same title.

We hear that from selecting a costume designer to finalising the composer of the film, Allu Sirish is taking care of the project on behalf of his new director Sanjeev. Other day the Allu hero confirmed that popular fashion designer Ashwin who designed costumes for his brother Bunny for movies like S/o Satyamurthy and others. And then Sirish picked a new composer too.

After liking the Kannada song Nee Nanna Olavu from “Chamak” movie, Sirish has now got composer Judah Sandhy on board for his ABCD. And then, the young hero himself is announcing all these things through his micro blogging page. No doubt, he has become the A to Z for this ABCD.