Zarine cashes Malaika’s Poor Show in ‘Kevvu Keka’

This Telugu beauty is presently unsung, but is hoping for a red-carpet very soon. In fact, the poor show of Malaika Arora through ‘Kevvu-Keka’ is helping her a lot.
Her name is Zarine. She is an aspiring Telugu actress and dancer who is trying all possible ways to get a break. One could easily remember her striking performance for ‘Kevvu-Keka’ song during ‘Gabbar Singh’ audio release. After watching performances of Zarine on stage and Malaika on screen, many people are voting for this young hot chic. Zarine managed to swing her curvy body as per the dynamics of the song with ease, enthralling the viewers.
‘I’ll definitely give a tough fight for Mumbai girls. I’m pretty happy that people are rating me best than Malaika’, says an excited Zarine. Currently, her hot ‘Kevvu-Keka’ performance is going viral on internet, as the hot beauty is expecting few hot offers when the heat is still on.