Alliance With BJP A Big Mistake, Says Naidu

It is an open secret that Telugu Desam Party could come to power in Andhra Pradesh in 2014 riding on the Narendra Modi wave and that had TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu not forged a last minute alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party, he would not have become the chief minister.Now that the TDP has broken the alliance with the BJP, Naidu is trying to belittle the BJP and play down its role in bringing his party to power.

He told the meeting of the party functionaries on the occasion of TDP foundation day that the alliance with the BJP before 2014 had done more harm than benefit to the TDP.“We had an alliance with the BJP not because we had no confidence of winning the elections, but because we thought the alliance would benefit development of the state post bifurcation. In fact, the TDP would have won 15 more seats had we not allied with the BJP. But now, they have cheated us on the special status,” Naidu said.

A few days after breaking the alliance with the BJP, too, Naidu made a similar comment that it was the BJP which had benefitted out of the alliance with the TDP.“We had allied with the BJP and joined the NDA government later only with an intention to get the maximum benefits to the state,” he said.He said there was no additional benefit in terms of voting for the TDP because of the alliance with the BJP. Before the 2014 elections, the TDP achieved victory in the local body elections.

“There was no difference in the percentage of voting for the TDP in the assembly elections, compared to local body elections,” he said.