Hot Topic: Samantha’s Lip Kiss To Charan!

Spoilers Ahead!! In case if you haven’t watched Rangasthalam yet, do stop reading here and get back to this article after you finished watching the magnificent creation of Sukumar powered by Ram Charan’s classic performance.

Apparently, the highlight scene of the whole romantic track between Chittibabu and Rama Lakshmi played by Charan and Samantha respectively is the proposal scene. The scene where both convey their love to each other very clearly for the first time. And the scene showed something for the audience to think about.

In that scene, first Samantha runs and kisses on the lips of Charan who is being taken away in a jeep. Then he will be running back and kissing her on lips. While Samantha kissed well on the lips, Charan faltered and did only a suggestion shot by hiding his lip work with his hands. Those who watched felt, ‘Samantha did the kissing scene like a professional. Maybe Charan would have felt little shy, with his wife Upasana at the sets or due to the fact that Samantha is a married girl now’.

But the scene is one of those romantic scenes where your heart melts big time for ‘love’ and starts beating for more of it.