Pawan’s Popularity Sinks?

Ever since Pawan Kalyan took a steep U-turn in Janasena Maha Sabha, there has been a lot of flak against Pawan. Instead of targeting the Modi-led Central Government, Pawan’s untimely attack on TDP raised many eyebrows and caused a severe damage to Janasena.

If this is not enough, Jayaprakash Narayan’s open statement that Pawan has lost interest on Joint Facts Finding Committee (JFC) indicate that it is pure drama by Pawan just to pose as ‘neutral’ and also as if he had done some ‘home work’ before taking on the TDP.

But all the efforts of Pawan have gone for a toss as his public image has taken a sharp beating. Especially after JP’s announcement of Independent Experts Committee without Pawan’s name come as a huge shocker. Although Pawan welcomed JP’s decision and lauded him for continuing the spirit of JFC, Pawan has not explained his reason for staying away from this independent experts panel constituted by JP. This is adding fuel to speculations that he is indirectly supporting BJP.

It is heard that Pawan’s social, public image in AP has come down drastically in the recent times. His proximity with BJP leaders is the root cause of all this steep downfall of his image.