Chiranjeevi’s sentiment for Pawan Kalyan

Gabbar Singh movie shooting is almost done and the film is getting ready to strike the screens in this summer. As per director Harish Shankar, Gabbar Singh will be released on May 9th. Now Mega fans have more than a reason to rest assured of Gabbar Singh. Why because this date has a ‘mega’ history to it.
May 9th is the day when Chiranjeevi’s blockbusters Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari and Gang Leader were released. Both these films released in consecutive years and on the same date and have been big hits. One can’t write about the achievements of Chiranjeevi without mentioning the above films.
With such a bumper muhurath set for Gabbar Singh, fans will hope that the day will prove lucky for Pawan Kalyan too. On the top of it most of Pawan Kalyan’s hits were released during summer. Khushi, Badri and Jalsa were released during peak summer and have hit bull’s eye. Of course there were few miss hits like Bangaram and Teenmaar. Hope Gabbar Singh will make May 9th a memorable day for mega fans yet again.