Samantha worrying about shapes!

Samanta Ruth Prabhu is one of the most sought after actress.The scintillating beauty of south India is certainly having the best silhouette as she really works hard to maintain her fitness levels amidst her busy schedules.She follows the workout routines not only to be fit but to feel good from inside . She herself claims that she does enjoy exercise but not to put off the weight but to put on the weight. 
As per the reports, a well known film maker approached Samantha with a female oriented script and the actress is excited to start shooting for the film. However, she felt that she should be fit enough to carry off that role and started spending more time in Gym.But after entering the place she is mighty scared by all those pics of muscular hunks with six pack abs. 
The actress tweeted, “All those pics of stars at the gym with their six packs and chiseled bodies bringing you down. Look MEEEEEE!!! sniff.”Well… Given to us, we would like to see Sam in her immensely lovable girl-next-door roles.