Gopichand Shying Away from Experiments?

Gopichand starrer “Pantham” is releasing on July 5 and the film has generated enough buzz with its trailer. However, there is no doubt that the film is also another mass movie.Gopichand says this film also does have some strong social message that would be connected with everyone and this angle sets it apart from regular commercial potboilers.

When asked why he is not experimenting in stories and embracing new age cinema,

Gopichand replied that he indeed loves the movies that are being made by today’s young filmmakers. I love to do fresh stories but he laments that none are approaching him with such stories.Gopichand must be thinking that this answer would make people believe him. If he really loves to experiment, he should call any new age movie makers and initiate bankrolling these projects.

He is working with new directors occasionally but he is deliberately picking masala movies and blames that no one is approaching him with new scripts.