I’ll Stare At KCR, Even If Ileana Is Aside


Controversy’s elder son Ram Gopal Varma is somehow back into news, though his film releases are not around. Maybe he wants to bring attention for his August 22 releasing ‘Anukshanam’. Ramu has attended as both interviewer and guest for a new interview-show named ‘Nene’ being aired on a popular Telugu channel.

Very concept of this show is to make the same celebrity pronounce the questions, and then answer questions himself. Deliberately asking some Qs about controversial stuff, Ramu tried to give a clear picture of his mind. When quizzed, ‘Why are you tweeting these days that KCR is much prettier than any other heroine and stuff’, pat comes the reply.

‘People like Adolf Hitler and KCR are quite oratory and their persona, charm dominates everything. Those who deliver stunning lectures always attract you with their charms. For the very same reason, I’ve stated that I find KCR more handsome’, says Ramu. Further he added, ‘Even if Ileana is there besides KCR, I would like to stare only at KCR because that’s the power of his charming personality’.

What if someone says Ramu lost his mental balance as he is making these comments? ‘Only morons will think that way’, he shrugged.