Manager’s Hand In Heroine’s Breakup?

A popular heroine has recently broken up with her boyfriend and various stories are written about that happening. Though she asked everyone to not blame anyone for the breakup, here is an interesting insider information.

Few breakups in South Film Industries happened purely because of the managers of these heroes and heroines. Some managers say that at a time when career is taking a huge upward drift, an affair or marriage will ruin the chances of an actor/actress. This is an age-old belief, but some managers are still selling the same rubbish to aspiring heroines.

Now that this lady has scored a tremendous hit, her manager advised her to postpone marriage. Later he’s said to have brainwashed her to completely breakup from the relation, such that her Telugu career will fly places. Believing in him, our heroine and her mother decided to call off the relationship of the young starlet.

With three more big Telugu projects in her hand, she’s already on cloud nine and hoping that she will become that sought after star heroine in the industry. And the manager is now feigning ignorance everywhere saying that he got nothing to do with her breakup. But that quirky smile on his face is telling more truth than his mouth.