Ram’s Direct Punch To Jr NTR & Charan!!!

Apart from Telugu films being the bone of connection between these three heroes, there is nothing personal between them to take dig at one another. However, a comment made by Hero Ram is said to indirectly targeting these top-stars.
The other day, hero Ram stated that ‘Naaku Legacy la tho sambandham ledu…Records tho assalu pani ledhu… Cinema chesetappudu naaku nachali.. chesaka meeku nachali..anthey’. (I don’t care about Legacy and never mind about records. While working I should like it and after watching you should love it. That’s all). Is he meaning about the doings of our hereditary heroes, is the question of many now. We cannot simply rule out that Ram doesn’t mean anything about Junior or Charan. Given the fact that most Jr.NTR films keep rambling about legacy, legendary background and records, Ram’s arrow is hitting him straight. Even, three film old RamCharan also joined the category of ‘maa naanna, maa taatha.. maa records’ with ‘Racha’ dialogues and song lyrics adding a spice to it.
Wonder, what made Ram to mouth out such dynamite, hitting hard in the hearts of mega-Nandamuri fans! Currently this young hero is coming up with ‘Endukantey Premanta’ under the direction of Karunakaran, which also features milky beauty Tamanna as heroine.