Srimannarayana Movie Review – 2.75/5

Rating: 2.75/5.0
Presented by: R.R.Movie makers
Banner: Yellow Flowers
Cast:Balakrishna,Isha Chawla,Parvati Melton, Suresh, Kota Srinivas rao,Vijay Kumar, Jayaprakash reddy, vinod Kumar, Ahuthi Prasad, M.S.Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan, Nagineedu
Lyrics: Kandikonda,Praveen Lakma,Chandrabose
Art: Nagendra Prasad
Editing: Gowtham raju
Cinematography: Surender reddy
Producer: Ramesh Puppala
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Ravi Kumar Chaavali
CBFC rating: ‘A’
Release date: 30-08-2012
Story: Sreemannarayana (Balakrishna) and Swapnika(parvati Melton are journalists who works for two different channels and there is always competition between them for covering Breaking news. Sreemannarayana gets engaged to his maradalu Bhanu(Isha Chawla). Sree’s father fights for the welfare of Poor farmers and raises crores of rupees as fund (Jai Kisan) to help them. The amount gets robbed and Sree is arrested in that Scam. How Sree comes out of it is what the remaining story is about.

: Balakrishna is good both in dances and performances. He delivered neat performance. Parvati Melton looked odd in the zero sized skinny shape. Isha Chawla is okay with mass appeal. Kota Srinivas rao, Jaya Prakash reddy, Supreet and Suresh suited to the villain roles. The Comedy track is weak. Art work and editing is neat. Cinematography is good. The story is single threaded and the screenplay is okay. The Direction is good in parts. The Production values are good.
Analysis: Balakrishna has come up with a mass flick in the Combination of Ravi C. Kumar who earlier delivered a hit with political drama “Samanyudu”. This time he combined his films (Victory and Samanyudu) and churned out a new one (Real estate + Scams). Balakrishna is okay as journalist but the track with Parvati Milton appeared to be forced (for the sake of masses). Isha Chawla is okay in the traditional attire and the combination scenes with Balayya, Parvati and Duvvasi Mohan were enjoyed well by the masses. Parvati Melton looked odd in many frames in that skinny look. Audience couldn’t bear her in the initial scenes/Songs with her eyes popping out.
The remaining supporting cast is okay and they have done their job well. The story line is thin; it’s a simple revenge formula with a social responsibility added to it. The Director could have inserted a couple of threads and made it big on the canvas. The movie appeared one directional after the intermission. There is no strong opposition. The action episodes are okay. The fight Sequence shot in Malaysia with Supreet is okay,
Art work and editing are okay. Cinematography is good.
Music by Chakri is below Average with weak background score. The Songs are well picturised on the screen. A Couple of songs are shot in Malaysia. The Choreographers should be appreciated for coming up with different themes and concepts. The comedy track with M.S. and Krishna Bhagwan is a not so appealing. A Good entertaining Comedy track could have helped more. Dialogues by Ghatikachalam are good.
The fate of the film solely depends on how it gets received at the B, C Centers.
Plus:Balayya, Mass Elements
Minus: comedy, unidirectional orientation in second half

Routine Revenge Mass Flick, can Skip it if you are not so interested