Trivia: Jr NTR’s Fluent Kannada Talks

A couple of years ago, when composer Thaman invited Jr NTR to sing a Kannada song for hero Puneet Rajkumar, he did it with ease. At that time many are stunned by the way he’s able to sing in other language as well. But here is an interesting snippet.

Recently when Jr NTR is shooting for Aravinda Sametha, suddenly he got a call from a relative from his mother’s side. It happens to be a call to console him as his father Hari Krishna succumbed to a road accident recently. During that, Tarak is said to be talking in the Kannada language with his relatives, thereby stunning some of the technicians who overheard the conversation.

Actually Jr NTR’s mother Shalini Bhaskar Rao has roots in Karnataka, where her ancestors happen to be Telugu families settled in Bellary and Raichur. For that reason, she speaks fluent Kannada and NTR also learnt the language as he used to frequent his relatives there. That’s the reason being his Kannada prowess.

While Tarak is an excellent orator in Telugu, he’s pretty good with English, Hindi and Kannada as well, literally pulling off some versatile qualities to become a pan Indian actor. How about trying luck in other languages as well Tarak?