Hyper Aadhi’s Hyperbole on Sri Reddy

He is the most popular and also controversial comedian on telly. Known for hyperbole, ‘Hyper’ Aadhi slams critics of his show ‘Jabardasth’ in strong language and doesn’t mince words in belittling them.

The comedian on ‘Jabardasth’ show is now also regularly featuring in films. He did a lengthy role in recently released ‘Tholi Prema’.

However, it is his Twitter account that is making news now. He claims his Twitter account is not his. It has no official stamp but he also completely does not disown. A clever tactic indeed!Hyper Aadhi or the “unofficial” Twitter handle on his name is slamming Sri Reddy and her behaviour in strongest manner.

Aadhi is known as a die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan. Ever since, she hurled cuss words at Pawan Kalyan, ‘Hyper Aadhi’ account is full of updates against Sri Reddy and Kathi Mahesh. In particular, this account alleged that Sri Reddy has 15 cases on her.