‘Power’ wars during Power Cuts in AP!

The state of Andhra Pradesh, which is renowned as rice bowl of entire India is now reeling under power cuts. State of Andhra Pradesh which once used to supply power to their counterparts became so deplete of power that it started imposing power cuts. Though people of AP got used to power cuts in summer, this year they were in a shock as power cuts increased even at the start of rainy seasons.While the capital city of Hyderabad are treated to 3yrs of power cuts, villages are presented with 10 hrs of power cut. One wonder what answers the rulers of the state have to give to the farmers.
Farmers are at their wits end as to how to go ahead with farming. This time the state govt treated even entrepreneurs with utter disdain announcing power holiday two days a week. Many industries are on the verge of shutting down. When Govt is embroiled with all the problems and mainly power cuts, rulers are busy with their own ‘Power’ wars. All small and big leaders and self proclaiming leaders became Chief Minister aspirants and none started caring the Chief Minister.
Though people taught the ruling party by defeating in each and every by elections after it came to power during these 4yrs they are averse to take any corrective measures. It has to be seen what lesson and shocks people are going to present the ruling Congress Party during the next general elections.